How much will my appointment cost?

All of our services are free of charge. We make no financial gain from your visit or pregnancy decision.

Do I need insurance?

No. We provide our services to many women who do not have health insurance. However, if you are scheduling an STD test and you have insurance, please bring your insurance card with you.

How long will my appointment take?

Appointments are usually around one hour. Appointments with ultrasound services are usually around one and a half hours.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Please bring a photo ID with you. For ultrasound appointments, please drink water before you arrive. Try to refrain from using the bathroom before your ultrasound.

How soon can I make an appointment?

We can often schedule an appointment for you on the same day, both online and over the phone.

Is my information confidential?

Yes. All information discussed in your appointment is strictly confidential.

Should I go to Indiana or Illinois for services at The Women’s Center Illiana?

We have Centers in both states, and you can visit any of our locations regardless of where you live. We also offer telehealth appointments if you live a further distance.

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