We offer the following no cost, confidential services:

Limited Abortion Screening Ultrasound:

A licensed medical professional will conduct a Limited Abortion Screening Ultrasound to determine which abortion procedure (abortion pill or surgical abortion) you could receive based on your exam results.

Before you make an appointment at an abortion facility it is important to know if you have a progressing pregnancy since up to 10%-25% of early pregnancies may end in miscarriage, making an abortion unnecessary. You will also need to know gestational age (weeks pregnant) to understand what procedure (abortion pill or surgical abortion) you could expect. Having this important information before traveling to obtain an abortion can help avoid numerous, serious health risks.

If you live in or around Northwest Indiana, Olympia Fields, Flossmoor or the Chicago-land area and need to schedule a no cost, confidential limited abortion screening ultrasound; make an in-person appointment or teleappointment today.

The Women’s Center Illiana does not perform or refer for abortion services.

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