What is an Ectopic Pregnancy and How is it Treated?

What is an ectopic pregnancy and how is it treated?

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An elective abortion procedure is not the same as treatment for an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage. Separation of the mother and her embryo or fetus to prevent the mother’s death, treatment of ectopic pregnancy, treatment for miscarriage or treatment of molar pregnancy are not considered abortions. An abortion involves any drug, device or procedure used to ensure the death of the human being in utero before, during or in the process of separation of the mother and her embryo/fetus. It could also be an action that causes delivery that results in embryonal, fetal or neonatal death without proportional danger of maternal death.

What is an ectopic pregnancy?

A healthy pregnancy begins with an egg being fertilized, traveling through the fallopian tube, and implanting into the lining of the uterus where it can continue to grow and be nourished by the mother. An ectopic pregnancy represents about 2% of pregnancies and is defined as any pregnancy developing outside of the uterus. Sadly, an ectopic pregnancy can never progress to term outside of the uterus and it presents a condition that requires immediate medical or surgical intervention to prevent irreversible bodily harm or to preserve the life the mother.

It is important before you schedule or travel for an abortion procedure to determine if your pregnancy is ectopic or a possible miscarriage. A positive pregnancy test alone will not determine that information. The Women’s Center Illiana’s licensed medical staff is here to help answer any additional questions you may have on this topic. Schedule a no cost, confidential Abortion Information Consultation or Limited Abortion Screening Ultrasound with The Women’s Center Illiana today.

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